Ordering Questions

I live in the area. How can I purchase oysters from you?
Hours for our farm store and pop up stand locations can be found on our How to Order page. If you would like to reserve an order ahead of time, please send us a message through the Contact Us page with specific size and quantity in the notes section.
I live outside your local area, how do I purchase Cliff Point Oysters?
To find out if you are within our local area, visit our How to Order page. If you are outside of the local area, visit our Contact Us page to inquire about a special order.
Do you do delivery?
Yes, we do! We deliver to Greater Olympia and Seattle area within 60 mi radius. For more information, please visit our How to Order page.

Oyster Questions

How long do they stay fresh after purchase?
Our oysters will stay fresh 7 to 10 days from harvest date in the fridge if stored in open container, cup up and covered by a wet towel. Best enjoyed within 24hrs of purchase. Visit our Oyster 101 page for additional information.
Is it safe to travel with oysters? I love these oysters and want to share with my friends and family out of state.
Yes it is! The best gift anyone could give their land locked friends is a shellfish suprise. We recommend packing oysters in a cooler with reusable gel packs. Make sure the packs are rated for the length of duration you plan to travel for, this keeps them cool (35-41ºF) and fresh to share upon arrival.
What is the best time of the year to consume oysters?
Our raw oysters are available October through May. During the summer months, an oyster’s energy is devoted to reproducing and staying cool in the heat. We keep a close eye on their safety during this time to make sure they have what they need to be ready for consumption once the seasons turn. Learn more oyster facts on our Oyster 101 page.

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