Our Story

Our oysters ride the tides, enjoying all that nature has to offer.
In other words…

“Hunt, Gather, Party, Repeat.” – Bill Perkins

How it Started. . .


Turning generations of ’dirt farming’ into a coastal endeavor

Rooted in 1920’s Illinois, generations of Perkins farmers have slowly migrated toward the Western Coast of the United States. In 1970-1994, Bill’s father preferred fruit farming with an orchard in Wenatchee, Washington.


Beginning of a shared vision

On a rainy Christmas Eve, Ryan reaches into his father’s stash and pulls out a handful of oysters. It wasn’t the first time, yet it was the beginning of a shared vision to turn Bill’s oyster hobby into a family farm.


First harvest. . . we’re hooked

After Bill and Ryan acquired the permit in June 2017, they were prepared to buy their first seed. That fall, they emptied their first bag to check its growth. They were hooked and on the path to fulfilling the mission of cultivating premium sustainable seafood.


Cliff Point Brand inaugurated

In need of a name to represent where the oysters are cultivated within Hendersen Inlet, a natural landmark caught their attention. Cliff Point brand was born and contracts for local wholesale distribution set the stage for further product development and market reach.


Ryan takes on Oyster farming full time

Long distance farming far from ideal, transitioning from his Navy post in Ventura, CA became a turning point for the Company’s growth when Ryan moved back up to Washington to take on the task full time.

Next. . .

We invite you to enjoy good food surrounded by good people with a good shuck.